Gibbie M. Duval, CSCS, NASM-CPT, FNS

Xplosive Edge, LLC Owner & Director of Sports Performance
Vatterott College Personal Fitness Trainer Program Director
"Strength & Conditioning Expert" - Tudor Bompa Institute
Level 1 Sports Performance Coach Certified - USA
Omaha Lancers Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Gibbie Duval has been a strength and conditioning coach with the Xplosive Edge since the fall of 2004, and has become the Director of Athletic Performance since then. For many years, Gibbie and his brother Zach, now head strength coach and director of athletic performance at Buffalo University, have had and maintain a close relationship with Boyd Epley who had so much success with the "Husker Power" program for many years at Nebraska.  All of the programs offered at Xplosive Edge mimic many valuable principles that stem out of the  "10 Husker Power Principles established by Boyd many years ago.  Gibbie is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association and participates in several strength and fitness symposiums across the country.  Gibbie is also the founder of Tri-Planar Performance, a consultation company devised to educate strength and conditioning professionals around the country on the important of Postural Restoration and Integration into strength and conditioning and programming.  Gibbie has consulted for many high schools, colleges, and universities around the nation already and worked with IMG Sports Academies in 2011. Gibbie is certified by the United States of America Weightlifting Association and holds a Sports Performance Coach Certification. Gibbie also holds a certification through the Tudor Bompa Institute as a "Strength and Conditioning Expert." Gibbie also contributes and writes articles and research for Ken Kontor's Performance Conditioning Inc. as well as Stack Magazine and also contributes to the Postural Restoration Institute with research and development on the Integration of Postural Restoration into Strength and Conditioning programs. 

Gibbie also has an extensive background training several clubs (soccer, football, baseball, volleyball) in the Omaha area as well as several professional and collegiate athletes. Gibbie attended the University of Nebraska Omaha where he received his Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and was a collegiate baseball player. While living in Kansas City, Gibbie was fortunate enough to be able to study under the legendary Romanian Olympic coach Istvan Javorek. Istvan was the original creator of the "dumbbell complex" and Gibbie was able to work with several Olympic athletes on sports performance enhancement and injury prevention programs. Gibbie also serves as a strength and conditioning consultant and travels the country teaching Postural Restoration integration. Gibbie also serves as a consultant to several editorials and magazines on athletic performance and injury prevention.

Email: [email protected]

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